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Marol Academy 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting sustainable education in South Sudan.  It has grown to envision plans to support healthcare of the students and community in the region.


Working Together

Christopher Hrynczyszyn

We took our third trip to the school this year, again to follow up on the students, support their teachers and ensure construction was moving along.  Visits are good for the morale of the staff who work under hard circumstances and for very little pay. Although we pay Marol Primary School teachers much higher than rate than the government teacher salaries, there is the problem of the teachers having to walk the same long distances as the pupils. The teachers have made a request for a couple of motor bicycles to facilitate the running of school-related errands.

This trip was also aimed at assessing the needs of the secondary school in regards to classroom space and staff office.  It was concluded in the meeting with the staff that the school needs one more 3-room building for classrooms and science lab.  It is estimated to cost between 36-40,000 USDollars, including furniture and fixtures.  This building will be a major part of our fund-raising efforts going forward.