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Marol Academy 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting sustainable education in South Sudan.  It has grown to envision plans to support healthcare of the students and community in the region.

Recruiting More Female Teachers


Recruiting More Female Teachers

Andrea Shaw

School had been underway since February with reports of good progress being made.  We visited in May to check in on the students, to complete the delivery of construction of material and to contract the construction for the secondary school new building. 

We held a meeting with the primary school PTA and the secondary school board of governors, both to discuss the possibilities of future community contribution to the effort. These meetings were very fruitful both in terms of establishing programs for a shared governance and contribution to construction projects.  We also discussed the question of school feeding, assessing the possibility of parents donating grain to the school food stores.

Parents and teachers raised the importance of recruiting female teachers, which we have been exploring since. Increasing the number of female teachers is key to our mission of encouraging girls to enroll and stay in school, as this project was in principle an endeavor promote girls’ education. The presence of women teachers both assures the parents about the social climate in the school and it provides these young girls with role models.